Woman Tries To Carry Loaded Gun On Board Plane

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A woman was stopped by airport security Wednesday evening after carrying a loaded handgun in her carry-on bag.

The woman, who has remained unidentified, was stopped by Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agents after entering Logan International Airport in Boston with a loaded weapon in her carry-on, The Associated Press reported. The .357 Magnum was loaded with 5 rounds at the Boston airport. (RELATED: Traveler Bites Two TSA Agents In Denver)

TSA spokesperson Dan Velez said in a tweet agents have found 16 firearms at Logan’s security checkpoints this year.

Firearms are allowed to be flown on commercial flights if they “are unloaded, packed in a locked, hard-sided case and placed in checked baggage,” the TSA said, according to the AP. Other firearm accessories, such as ammunition and replica firearms, are prohibited in carry-on luggage and are required to be checked.

The TSA said in October firearms found in passengers’ luggage have reached a 20-year high, noting TSA agents have stopped nearly 4,500 passengers who have tried to carry firearms on a plane. The previous record was recorded in 2019 with 4,432 firearms, according to the TSA.

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