Watch Every December 27-30 Episode Of ‘The David Hookstead Show’

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s Friday, and that means another successful week of “The David Hookstead Show” is in the books.

This week, we covered a ton of college football topics, John Madden’s unfortunate death, people going insane over masks and much more.

For anyone who might have missed an episode, you can catch them all below.

December 27: The College Football Playoff Teams Are Safely At Their Game Sites, Multiple College Football Bowl Games Have Been Canceled Or Had Teams Drop Out, Cole Beasley Has Reportedly Been Fined $100,000 For COVID-19 Violations, ‘Yellowstone’ Is Great With Just One Episode Of Season Four Left, Bill Belichick Gets Asked Insane Question And I Have My Great-Great-Uncle’s War Medals From WWII And Korea

December 28: Woman Freaks Out On An Elderly Man On A Flight Over Him Not Wearing A Mask, Aaron Rodgers Hugs Erin Andrews After Doing Socially Distanced Interview, Alabama Football Star Makes Insane Comment About Being An Underdog Against Cincinnati, Georgia Quarterback JT Daniels Is Cleared To Play Against Michigan And Multiple Ohio State Football Stars Opt Out Of The Rose Bowl

December 29: John Madden Dies, Woman Goes Viral For Insane Tweets Following His Passing, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rips LeBron James For Sharing COVID-19 Meme, NFL Makes Big COVID-19 Change, The SEC Is 0-4 In Bowl Games, Georgia Seems To Be Sticking With Stetson Bennett and Cincinnati Makes Bold Request For Fans Ahead Of The Alabama Game

December 30: Deadspin Sends Racist Tweet About Candace Owens And Sage Steele, Alabama Football Player Says The Only Fun The Team Is Having Is Preparing To Win, Kirby Smart Says Stetson Bennett Is The Team’s Starting Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers Hasn’t Ruled Out Retiring, NBA Christmas TV Ratings Tank And ‘Yellowstone’ Gets Monster Ratings This Past Sunday

Make sure to check Monday for another new episode!