Joy Behar Defends Biden, Questions If Presidents Need Any Charisma At All


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar defended President Joe Biden Wednesday as she questioned whether presidents need any charisma at all.

During a discussion on the ABC talk show “The View,” the co-host was speaking to guest TV personality Mark Cuban about his recent comments regarding the Biden administration having “absolutely zero charisma” and failing to get their agenda supported.

Behar said Cuban gave Biden’s first year office a B grade after endorsing him for president in the 2020 election.


“Well, the president is a good manager,” Behar answered her own question. “Does he really need charisma? And his poll numbers are not good right now.” (RELATED: ‘A Nation Of Golden Retrievers’: Joy Behar Mocks Americans Who Didn’t Want Vaccine Until Free Donuts Were Involved)

“Even though, from my reading, he’s done a lot,” she added. “He’s done quite a bit. It’s a long list of his accomplishments. But somehow that’s not getting across.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s More Show Than Go’: Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Reacts To Texas Reopening)

Behar then asked Cuban to explain what Biden has gotten right and what does he need to do better.

“Well, let’s start with the charisma,” Cuban explained, as he shared that in today’s social media world “you really have to have some personality in order to convey it.”

“Look Joe has a strong personality, ” he added. “He’s smart, he gets things done. Maybe not perfectly, but he does get things done. But the administration has a real challenge conveying that in the social media world.”

The billionaire entrepreneur also made it clear he’s given no further thoughts to running for president, after hinting about it before the 2020 election.