Ukrainian Man Mocks Russian Soldiers After Their Tank Runs Out Of Gas, Offers To Tow Them Back To Russia

Russian Tank (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1497485623225200640)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A Ukrainian man had an epic reaction to a Russian tank running out of gas.

In a video tweeted by Liveuamap, a man drove past an enemy tank that had run out of gas while invading Ukraine, and he decided to speak to the Russian soldiers for a moment.

What did he say? According to TMZ, the man offered to tow them back to Russia and it only got better from there. When asked what people are saying about Russian forces, the man replied, “Everything is going our way. Your side is surrendering well because none of your guys know where they’re headed. I asked a whole caravan of guys like you and none of you know where you’re headed.”

I asked someone who spoke the language if TMZ’s translation of the situation was accurate, and they said it was! You can watch the incredible moment unfold below.

What an absolute alpha move from this man. I can’t imagine ever doing something like this. He drove up to troops invading his country and mocked them right to their faces!

If I was in his shoes, I’d be worried about getting shot.

Yet, he wasn’t at all! He cracked a few jokes, offered to tow them back to Russia, told them they’re not winning and just drove away.

If this dude isn’t a living legend, I don’t know what it takes to become one!

What a wild situation unfolding in front of the world. Let’s hope Ukraine keeps giving the Russians hell!