‘Wishbone Where His Backbone Ought To Be’: Sen. Kennedy Calls On Biden To Send Jets To Ukraine

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy called on President Joe Biden to send jets to Ukraine, saying he has a “wishbone where he ought to have a backbone.”

“I think that sometimes, not always but sometimes, particularly in this instance, President Biden has a wishbone where his backbone ought to be,” Kennedy said Tuesday. “Poland offered to send the planes, which Ukraine desperately needs, to an American and NATO air force base in Germany where they would be transferred to Ukraine. President Biden said ‘no, that makes me nervous.’ Well, there are other ways we can do it.”

The senator said the Ukrainian pilots can go directly to Poland and fly the planes to their country or have Polish officials deliver the jets to the border. (RELATED: ‘Leading From Behind’: Sen. Kennedy Says Biden Is ‘Not A Wartime Consigliere’) 

“It seems to me that President Biden is saying ‘I don’t want President Zelenskyy to have the air cover that he needs and I think that is a grave mistake,” he continued. “I know it makes the president nervous, but the Ukrainian people are dying.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby denied Poland’s request for the U.S. to transfer Polish MiG jets to Ukraine from the base in Ramstein, Germany, last week. He said, however, that the country would continue cooperating with Poland on aiding Ukraine.

Kennedy then said Biden needs to “stand up to the wokers” and produce oil domestically to “help our friends in Europe.”

“The president needs to stand up to the wokers in his own party and say ‘look, I know this is gonna make you hyperventilate on your yoga mats, but I am adopting an all of the above energy policy, which includes wind and solar, but we’re going to start producing oil and gas to help our friends in Europe.”

Biden banned all imports of Russian oil on March 8 due to Russian President Vladimir Putin waging war in Ukraine. Energy production makes up about 40% of Russia’s economy, and they are the third largest oil producer in the world.

The president revoked the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which intended to transfer 8,000 oil barrels from Canada to Texas, then canceled new federal leases for oil and gas companies. White House press secretary Jen Psaki, along with other administration officials, have denied that returning these policies will solve the issue of rising gas prices.