‘Cringe’: Joe Rogan Rips Stephen Colbert For Surrounding Himself With Top Democrats, Pushing Left-Wing COVID Narrative

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Podcast host Joe Rogan ripped Stephen Colbert for surrounding himself with top Democrats and pushing their narrative on COVID-19.

Rogan, during Tuesday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” talked about how he had been “lucky” to achieve success in his career, then added it would never have been possible in another era unless he worked as a stand-up comedian.

Guest Jake Shields, a former MMA fighter, told the host he would have to do a late-night talk show.

“They’d never give me one,” Rogan said. “I guarantee you, they’d never give me one.”

“Or you’d have to be like Stephen Colbert … It’s sad seeing Stephen Colbert because I used to think he was funny. And seeing him now is cringe,” Shields said. “The vax thing is like, oh my god, this is so hard to watch.”

The two mocked Colbert’s vaccine song and dance alongside dancers in syringe costumes in 2021. (RELATED: Stephen Colbert Says He’ll Pay $15 A Gallon Because He Can Afford To Drive A Tesla) 

“That was strange,” Rogan said. “I want to be in a meeting where they pitched that. Like, what’s the joke? I’d be like, ‘where’s the joke? People are gonna watch this?'”

“Yeah, you wonder is the guy happy like that doing a job? Or does he just like the money?” Shields added. “I guess people get so attached to being famous and getting money, they’ll do whatever it takes.”

Rogan said Colbert’s COVID-19 framing is “very lucrative” and enjoys being a part of the “in-crowd,” which included former President Barack Obama and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He then played a clip of Colbert dancing with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“They’re at some sort of party probably where they’re giving everybody Satan snake venom blood,” Rogan described. “They high-five each other. It’s so strange, I think Schumer’s even wearing a mask. Look at them dancing … This is going to go down in history in time where ‘look at everybody outside with masks on.’ This is like mass psychosis, but meanwhile, Colbert doesn’t have a mask on, which is very odd.”

“He’s a risk taker, look at him, he’s a wild man,” Rogan said. “But he high-fives the guy.”

“This is just humiliating,” Shields reacted. “He can’t enjoy doing this, I wouldn’t think.”

“Well, he might,” Rogan responded.