Russian Police Mocked For Allegedly Botched False Flag Assassination Attempt

(Screenshot/Russian FSB)

Dylan Housman Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent
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The internet poked fun at Russian security forces Monday after they appeared to botch a staged arrest of alleged neo-Nazis planning to kill a popular Russian TV host.

Russia’s Investigative Committee released a set of photos Monday, purportedly from a bust of six Ukrainian neo-Nazis who were plotting to assassinate Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov. Along with the Russian federal police (FSB), the committee claimed to have recovered an improvised explosive device, eight Molotov cocktails, six pistols, a hunting rifle, a grenade, drugs and fake Ukrainian passports.

However, careful observers on social media noticed several issues with the Russian haul from the alleged would-be assassins. First, the photo of seized item strangely included three copies of the video game “The Sims.” Some speculated that there was a mix-up in which someone was supposed to obtain three SIM cards for cell phones. Others said the games may have been included because The Sims 4 was banned in Russia for allegedly promoting LGBT propaganda.

Another photo showed a note scribbled inside a book, signed with the name “signature illegible” — indicating someone was told to add an unreadable signature and took the instruction a bit too literally.

The video games and note were included in a pile of far-right, nationalist and Nazi paraphernalia, including a t-shirt with a Swastika on it. Russian officials alleged the six Ukrainians plotted alongside Ukrainian security forces to assassinate Solovyov, a Putin-aligned broadcaster, with a car bomb. (RELATED: REPORT: US Too Scared To Sanction Putin’s Alleged Mistress Because Some Worry It’s Too Personal)

“Who knew they were so into The Sims 3?” remarked the BBC’s Francis Scarr.