‘Took Large Dumps On Jim Acosta’s Head’: Joe Rogan Praises Kayleigh McEnany For Always Firing Back At The Press

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Podcast host Joe Rogan praised former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for having the ability to fire back at reporters’ gotcha questions during Thursday’s “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Rogan and comedian Tony Hinchcliffe discussed President Joe Biden’s rhetoric and increasing struggle to put simple words into a sentence. The host then expressed his sympathy toward White House press secretary Jen Psaki for having to consistently debate the press and risk being caught exclaiming factually incorrect statements on live television, then compared her to McEnany’s skill of retaliating against a hostile briefing room.

“Sometimes she [Psaki] says things in confidence but, just like being on a f*cking podcast, sometimes you says things and you think it’s true while you’re saying it,” Rogan said. “Turns out it’s not and you represent the President of the United States and no one is fact-checking you in real time, it’s all happening live on television. Yikes, f*ck that job.”

“Everybody [who] gets it hates it,” he continued. “The only one who was good at it, the last lady with Trump. Kayleigh McEnany. She’s the best. She’s the GOAT at that shit. She would have f*cking receipts, she would have tabs in her notebook, she would pull right to when she knew they were coming with a gotcha.”

“She took large dumps on Jim Acosta’s head,” he told Hinchcliffe. “Just get out of here.”

Rogan pointed to the odd nature of the relationship between the press secretary and reporters since there is one representing the president and a larger group slated to speak for the American public. (RELATED: ‘Gotta Let Me Finish, Jim, This Isn’t A Cable News Segment’: Kayleigh McEnany Chastises CNN’s Acosta For Interrupting) 

“It’s a funny sort of arena,” he said. “It’s like someone speaking for the president and supposedly these reporters are speaking for the people.”

He then noted that Psaki refrained from using the term “circle back” after the public made fun of it, saying the press wants “to make her look stupid.”

“The press wants to get her and make her look stupid and she wants to show them that she’s the girl boss and ‘I have all the facts,’” Rogan argued, noting that after months of repeating that she would “circle back” on certain issues, she seemed to have stopped doing that.”

“That was her thing, circle back. She doesn’t say that anymore, cause people started making fun of it and also because she didn’t want to circle back,” he said. “She would’ve already circled back on those other things. There was a lot of things she was supposed to circle back on. She probably has a f***ing to-do list that’s a mile long.”
Biden announced Thursday that White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre take on the role of press secretary on May 13 as Psaki is slated to depart her current position and host a show on MSNBC’s streaming platform, Peacock.