Incoming WH Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre Once Cast Doubt On Election

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre previously pushed the now-debunked reports that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia in 2016.

Jean-Pierre, currently the White House deputy press secretary, reiterated former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s claims that the Trump campaign “was in on” Russia’s attempted interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Flynn, Manafort and The Donald himself (inviting Russia to partake in espionage on our election) #PutinLoveAffair,” she said.

When Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, Jean-Pierre tagged Trump calling it  his collusion. In January 2018, she said “Collusion=Donald Trump.”

Former special counsel Robert Mueller found the reports alleging that the Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization, had a secret line of communication with Russia’s Alfa Bank for possible collusion were false in 2019. The Clinton campaign and lawyer, Michael Sussman, pushed the claims and shared the details with The New York Times and the FBI’s general counsel.

Jean-Pierre also alleged the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election was stolen from Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams after her Republican opponent Brian Kemp defeated her. (RELATED: ‘Can’t Speak To That’: Karine Jean-Pierre Repeatedly Dodges Questions On Durham Report When Pressed By Fox News Reporter) 

“Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgias and Stacey Abrams,” she tweeted in 2020.

The incoming press secretary also claimed Trump could start a “horrible civil war” due to his alleged “bigotry and racism” during a 2019 MSNBC interview, Fox News reported.

He is not a president for Black people. He’s not a president for women. He’s not a president for brown people. He’s not a president for the LGBTQ community. He chooses to just double down and triple down on bigotry and racism,” she said. “I don’t know where Donald Trump wants to take this. But wherever it is, it’s going to be dangerous. It could lead to some sort of a horrible civil war.”

She also fueled the sexual assault allegations against Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings in 2018 by reiterating gang-rape allegations brought forth by Julie Swetnick, who alleged that Kavanaugh and a friend spiked girls’ drinks at parties in the 1980’s and had been gang raped in 1982, though she did not specify if the then-nominee took part in the rape.

“Julie Swetnick, 3rd Brett Kavanaugh accuser tells @nbc that he was a ‘very mean drunk,’ she said.

Jean-Pierre is in a relationship and shares a child with CNN’s National Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, who the network confirmed to the Daily Caller will not cover politics, Capitol Hill or the White House while her partner works in her position. Psaki touted on Thursday that the new press secretary will be the first black and LGBTQ person to serve in the role.

She is expected to step up to her new position on May 13 as Psaki is expected to host a show on MSNBC’s streaming platform, Peacock.