Vince Coglianese: Liberals Are Blaming ‘Inanimate Objects’ For Things ‘Whackjob Leftists’ Did


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese said liberals are blaming inanimate objects for “whackjob” things on Wednesday’s “The Vince Coglianese Show.”

“Today, I need to tell you about a threat that’s closer to your family than you realize,” he began. “In fact, this threat is so close, it’s likely inside of your very house—or perhaps even your garage—right now. That threat? Whew…prepare yourself. That threat? Inanimate objects.”

Coglianese pointed to the bullet fired into Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares’ office on Tuesday, mocking the Washington Post’s headline “Bullet goes through window of Virginia attorney general’s offices.”

“Can you believe that? A bullet actually jumped through a window at the AG’s very office in Richmond!” he continued. “Why would a bullet be so reckless? Doesn’t that bullet realize that people might get the wrong idea if they see a bullet lodged in the wall of a high-profile government official’s work space? They might even conclude that some leftist whackjob took a potshot at him for opposing the unlawful intimidation of Christians and judges.”

“But no, it was absolutely not a leftist whackjob. The Washington Post told me, they make it really clear—the bullet went right through the window on its own.” (RELATED: Vince Coglianese Blasts Pete Buttigieg, Ralph Northam For Not Handling Virginia Snowstorm)

He then joked that people may be in danger from the bullets and car in their home, pointing to CNN’s previous reporting of Darrell Brooks allegedly driving his car through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, claiming the “car” drove through the parade rather than holding the person accountable. He also cited Politico reporting that “a fire that broke out” at a Wisconsin pro-life pregnancy center.

“I never knew that fire had it out for me,” Coglianese said. “Fire is apparently sentient now and it’s a hardcore, abortion loving, Joe Biden voter.”

The host said the media uses a mix of “partisan bias and sloppy, passive voice writing” to protect their narrative that a conservative, particularly a white right-winger, are the “aggressors.”

“But when none of those things are even remotely true, the press defaults to downplaying, obfuscating, and even completely ignoring the actual assaults the left is committing on quote, our democracy.”

He further noted the Post’s “downplaying” of the shooting that occurred in Miyares’ office, then made it seem “commonplace” calling bullets fired into government buildings “relatively rare.”

“So there you have it,” he said. “Yes, a bullet ripped through the window of one of the left’s top political targets, but who hasn’t heard of a bullet striking a government building? Happens all the time!”