The Panthers Have An Open Line ‘Of Communication’ With Cam Newton

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There’s a chance Cam Newton’s playing days aren’t over.

Newton threw four touchdowns and five interceptions during his time with the Panthers last season, and most fans would probably assume there’s no way in hell he’ll return. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Well, that assumption might be wrong!


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Panthers GM Scott Fitterer said the following during an interview on #PFTPM:

I think we’re still having thoughts. We have to see how this works out here throughout the spring. I just happened to be up at the [Kentucky] Derby last weekend and Cam was up there. We’re texting a little bit. The lines of communication are open. I know Coach Rhule has spoken with him. We are going to have a discussion at some point but we’re just not quite there yet, but we’ll see how it goes. The more competition we have at that position the better.

Are the Panthers trying to create as much chaos as possible at the quarterback position? First, there was a ton of chatter the team would trade for Baker Mayfield, which seems unlikely at this point, and now the franchise’s GM is openly talking about having open “lines of communication” with Newton.

Why? Newton is so far out of his prime at this point that it’s not even funny to consider him the face of a team.


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The fact of the matter is the team has Sam Darnold and they just drafted Matt Corral. If the former Ole Miss QB develops at a high level, he could 100% turn into a starter in the league.

As I’ve said too many times to count, I truly believe he’s the best QB in the rookie class. He might not have the most immediate success, but in a decade, I’m confident he’ll be in the best position.

Why risk ruining his development by bringing Cam Newton in? It makes less than zero sense.