Diddy Takes A Jab At Will Smith’s Oscars Slap During BBMA Opening Monologue

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Diddy took a quick jab at Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap during his opening monologue Sunday night at the 2022 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas.

While playing double duty as host and executive producer, Diddy threw shade at Will Smith, simultaneously giving a gentle warning to his audience, according to a video posted by the Billboard Music Awards.

“If you feeling a little froggy tonight, don’t feel froggy. But if you are feeling a little bit froggy and you decide to jump on this stage here tonight, I do suggest you have your affairs in order,” Diddy said. He chuckled briefly and continued, “And I say that with love, I say that with the ultimate and utmost love.”

Despite the warning, Diddy’s speech was full of positive messaging and he hinted at a comeback by saying he was returning to his “first love” by creating music again.

Diddy’s monologue initially started with a nostalgic nod to the audience.

“This is a full-circle moment for me. I won my first Billboard award 25 years ago,” Diddy said. He then went on to infuse energy and positivity into the vibe of the evening by telling the crowd he was going to “tap into their inner child.” (RELATED : Diddy Flexes His Fortune, Brings His Butler To The Billboard Awards Stage)

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Diddy continued with an uplifting message about love that he continued to promote for the duration of the evening. He told his fans he was not their host “and not even a human being.”

“I need you to understand this,” he stated. “I’ve done a lot of growing and changing, evolving. I’m a frequency, I am now a total frequency. I’m the vibe creator, a frequency elevator, black brother thunder, the chocolate boy wonder. They call me Diddy, but y’all can call me love.”

Celebrities and other guests eagerly joined him in repeating his “love” chants.