Diddy Flexes His Fortune, Brings His Butler To The Billboard Awards Stage

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Diddy did double duty as both the host and executive producer of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, and he brought his butler to the stage to flex his fortune in front of a worldwide audience.

Diddy introduced the world to his butler when he brought a man named Frank to the stage, putting his fortune on full display by asking Frank to pass him some hand lotion. This turned out to be a shameless plug for Diddy’s very own brand, and fans watched as he moisturized his hands, and commented that they can’t be “ashy” on television. Diddy then beamed with pride and spoke of how much he appreciated his butler and shocked him by asking him to introduce his favorite artist to the stage.

Frank isn’t your average butler. The young Latin man appeared dressed in a snazzy black suit and wore dark black sunglasses as she stood confidently next to Diddy. “Frank is my brother, he holds me down,” Diddy said, as seen in the video. “I appreciate him, I  cannot live without him. I’m extremely high maintenance and he holds me down,” Diddy said. Then, he gave Frank the shock of his life.

Diddy had more planned for Frank than to just have him stand on the Billboard stage. He sang his praises and thanked Frank for all he had done for him. “I wanna say I appreciate you, Frank and me and Frank work closely together … Frank told me this next act was his favorite so I said, I’m the executive producer of the show…” (RELATED:  The Grammy Awards Gets Terrible TV Ratings)

Diddy then told Frank to go ahead and announce the next famous performer. The shocked butler couldn’t contain his excitement and proceeded to speak in Spanish, as seen in the video. Fully mesmerized by this incredible moment, Frank introduced Rauw Alejandro to perform on the 2022 Billboard stage.

“Yo this is why I love my job!” shouted Frank with excitement. The video then shows his ear-to-ear smile as Frank says, “Yo Mr. Combs yo you’re the best boss I ever had!”