MSNBC Guest Calls On Democrats To ‘Brand Every Republican’ As Racist


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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An MSNBC guest said Democrats can win elections by branding Republicans as racist during Tuesday’s episode of “Deadline: The White House with Nicolle Wallace.”

Donny Deutsch, podcast host of “On Brand,” claimed “23% of Republican males are okay with white nationals, white supremacist views,” and urged Democrats to “brand” Republicans as “racist” in order to win elections. The podcast host told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that the Great Replacement Theory is the “Republican Racist Replacement Theory.”

“What the Democrats need to do — and it’s so obvious at this point — is brand then with it, is basically take this Replacement Theory and now make it the Republican Racist Replacement Theory,” Deutsch said. “Make every Republican answer, ‘Do you believe in it or not?’ Brand every Republican. This is the party of replacement theory. Take what is a sliver [of the Republican Party] … and make it the entire raison d’être of the Republican Party.”

“Do the same thing with violence, it’s the RV party. It’s the Republican Violence Party,” Deutsch continued. “The very, very heinous things that they stand for and are hiding behind, brand them on it. Take a branding iron, put it on them so that any mainstream Republican has to wear that badge, and go, ‘Are you vote Republican? Do you understand you’re voting for replacement theory? Do you believe in that? … Because that’ the Republican platform, so make the Republicans own it.”

The Great Replacement theory is an alleged Ethno-nationalist political theory warning white people that they are being replaced by non-white immigrants. (RELATED: ‘It Infuriates Me!’: Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Media Blaming Tucker Carlson For Buffalo Shooting)

Liberal pundits have pointed fingers at Republicans and conservative figures, most notably Daily Caller co-founder and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, for allegedly promoting the theory. They have also linked conservatives to the shooting that erupted in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday.

The shooter, Payton Gendron, a self-described “white supremacist” and “left-wing authoritarian,” attacked Fox News with an anti-Semitic meme in his 180-page white supremacist manifesto. In his manifesto, he wrote “on the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist,” even calling conservatism “corporatism in disguise,” the Paradise reported.

Despite the lack of evidence that Gendron is a Republican or conservative, Rolling Stone magazine author Talia Lavin wrote “as long as we fail to recognize the wellspring of racial animus that animates the right wing in this country, the corpses will continue to accrue.”

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro blamed Carlson Monday for mentioning replacement theory on his show in late September where he cited a 2015 video of then-Vice President Joe Biden saying “it’s a source of our strength” that the American population will consist of less than 50% of white people. (RELATED: Sorry, Irate Liberals Hellbent On Censorship, Tucker Carlson Has Consistently Called For ‘Colorblind Meritocracy’)

“It’s time to name names and point fingers,” Navarro said. “Tucker Carlson mentioned the Great Replacement Theory, or some version of that, more than 400 times on his show since 2016, according to the New York Times. … It’s not just them. It’s other hosts of Fox News, it’s other Republican leaders and they need to be called out.”

In a September interview with Sirius XM podcast host Megyn Kelly, Carlson said it is Democrats who push the theory by calling for an “unrelenting stream of immigration” who will be politically obedient toward the party.