REPORT: ESPN Lost 10% Of Its Subscribers During The 2021 Fiscal Year, Network Is Down To 76 Million Households Subscribing In America

ESPN (Credit: Shutterstock/monticello)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN has lost a shocking amount of subscribers.

The network lost 10% of its subscribers during the 2021 fiscal year, and the total number of households subscribing to the sports network dropped from 84 million to 76 million, according to Deadline. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Nearly a decade ago, the network had more than 100 million subscribers, according to the Deadline report.

The only bright spot for the biggest sports network in the country is that ESPN+ is up to 17 million subscribers, which is a 66% increase over 2020, according to the same Deadline report.

So, while the traditional network appears to be failing in a big way, the streaming service is growing.

I hate to sound cliche, but this is what happens when you go woke. When you turn everything into a political situation and push woke nonsense, people stop watching.

Let’s not forget that in just the past couple years, ESPN had an employee essentially claim yelling at a football player is racist, Mark Jones lied about the Jacob Blake shooting and Max Kellerman took shots at conservatives for apparently being dumb and “almost immune to facts.”

Now, people are tuning out, and it’s not a surprising update at all. Again, when you push garbage on people, the fans tune out.

The reality of the situation is that people want to watch sports on ESPN! That’s it! We don’t want to hear about politics or about how stuff is allegedly racist.

There are plenty of cable news shows that can get that job done.

I want to watch ESPN to get my sports fix. If the network went back to just focusing on that, we’d be much better off!