Detroit Tigers Donating Money For Trans Surgeries During ‘Pride Night’

Chris Bertman Contributor
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The Detroit Tigers will reportedly donate money from ticket sales to organizations that promote transgender surgeries for children during their “Pride Night” game, The National Review reported on Friday.

Fans purchasing tickets to the Detroit Tigers “Pride Night” game will reportedly be given the option to support pride organizations that promote transgender identification and transgender surgeries. Several of the organizations the Major League Baseball team will reportedly donate to are organizations that provide gender transition surgeries to children, The National Review reported.

The Ruth Ellis Center reportedly provides care and “gender-affirming surgery” to transgender youth. (RELATED: Disney Helps Employees ‘Transition’ Their Transgender Children And Themselves: REPORT)

Likewise, the Trans Sistas of Color Project, an affiliate of the Trans Justice Funding Project, helps perform chest reconstruction and genital reassignment surgery.

Corktown Health reportedly provides hormone therapy as gender affirmation care and may see patients as young as 16, the outlet noted.

Other organizations the Tigers will donate money to include PFLAG of Detroit which reportedly claims youth of different identities may feel left out by teaching that there are only two genders. The group also donates Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender-positive books to public libraries through its Public Library Project.

Fair Michigan Foundation is reportedly an advocacy group that focuses on education and outreach regarding LGBTQ and men’s and women’s civil rights in the state of Michigan.