Video Footage Shows Bam Margera Partying Hard After Disappearing From Rehab Facility


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A newly released video reportedly shows “Jackass” star Bam Margera partying hard after vanishing from a rehabilitation center in Florida June 25.

While Margera’s concerned family was frantically searching for him, a video allegedly shows that Margera was out partying with a group of men. Margera reportedly started his Saturday by joining some people at a sports bar in Pompano Beach, where he proceeded to indulge in some alcohol, according to TMZ. Margera seemingly abandoned all efforts to maintain sobriety. The video depicts Margera temporarily losing consciousness during his night out.

A person who claimed to have spent time with Margera that evening indicated that the “Jackass” star started his evening by asking someone to take him to the hospital to tend to his injured wrist, where he proceeded to demand that photographs be taken of him while on the hospital bed, according to TMZ.

He then proceeded to go to a strip club, although he reportedly didn’t engage with the strippers and asked them to keep their distance from him, reported the outlet.(RELATED: Reality TV Star Handed A 12-Year Prison Sentence On Child Porn Charges)

The friend reported that Margera then went to a friend’s house to party, and that’s when the video footage picked up the details of the remainder of his evening, according to TMZ.

The video shows the men partying in a vehicle before they enter a residence. Music played loudly in the background while the group continued to party hard. At one point, Margera appears to be unconscious as he lays down on a bed, and the men continue to party around him as he lays there.

Margera’s relapse comes just days after his family gathered for an intervention to encourage the troubled star to maintain his sobriety, according to TMZ.