‘This Is Not A Mistake’: Tucker Calls For Impeachment Of Biden Over US Selling Oil To China

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Wednesday that President Joe Biden should be impeached after Reuters reported the U.S. is selling oil to China.

Millions of barrels of oil released over the past year from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) went to foreign nations, including China, Reuters reported.

Carlson said releasing oil from the reserves should have lowered gas prices and helped Americans. Instead, the administration allowed millions of barrels to flow to U.S. adversaries, a move Carlson said should be “indictable.”

“The oil being released isn’t for us! It’s going to India and China. According to Reuters, ‘more than five million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserve release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month.’ The piece continues, ‘cargoes of SPR crude were also headed to the Netherlands and to a Reliance refinery in India, an industry source said. A third cargo headed to China.’  To China. So as gas prices set records in this country, as American citizens who were born here and vote and pay taxes, cannot afford to fuel their own cars, the Biden Administration is selling off our emergency oil reserve to China. That is not an indictable offense? It’s certainly an impeachable one, and they should impeach him for that.”

“This is how we are punishing our enemies? By selling off our own most valuable assets and watching Russia and India and, my God, China get richer?” Carlson continued (RELATED: Biden Demands Gas Prices Go Down, Elicits Praise From Chinese Official)

Biden ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the SPR in November, 30 million barrels on March 1 and 180 million barrels on March 31, saying the “historic” actions would ease pressures faced at pumps. The reserve will release one million barrels per day through October, causing it to hit its lowest level since 1986, according to Reuters.

Both China and India have steadily purchased U.S. sour crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico due to its cheap price tag, Bloomberg reported.

Biden intended for the releases to lower gas prices, but both oil and gasoline prices have increased.

House Republicans have also questioned the Biden administration on how releases from the SPR give adversaries “geopolitical leverage.”

“China ramped up its purchases of crude oil from Russia and the United States to boost its own reserves, even as oil prices surged and President Biden called for a coordinated release,” Republican leaders wrote.

“China may now control the world’s largest stockpile of oil, with total crude inventories estimated at 950 million barrels,” the letter continued.