REPORT: Diane Keaton Claims She Launched Al Pacino’s Career

Roy Rochlin/MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Diane Keaton revealed she believes herself to be the main reason Al Pacino became the legendary star he is today in an interview with ET published Monday.

The veteran actress claimed Al Pacino wasn’t originally wanted for his iconic role in “The Godfather.” Had she not spoken up on his behalf, she said, he would have never had the opportunity to portray the famous character. “Nobody wanted Al Pacino. They didn’t want him to play that part, and I had already been cast,” Keaton told Nischelle Turner during an interview with ET.

Keaton revealed she had auditioned for her role in the 1972 classic without really knowing what she was in for. “I auditioned for The Godfather having never read it and I knew nothing about it, and just was there, I was standing there like every other woman,” Keaton said. “I didn’t know what the hell I was there for. And they cast me in that role!”

She declared her astonishment, indicating that looking back now, it’s hard for her to believe how it all unfolded. “I had been cast before Al Pacino in Godfather 1! Is this not weird?” Keaton gushed.

She described the big moment in Al Pacino’s career, and explained the critical role she played in clinching him the part of Michael Corleone. (RELATED: ‘Godfather’ Star James Caan Dead)

“So I was standing there and they brought him up when I was standing there and we worked together in front of [the producers], and they gave him the job,” Keaton continued. “Do you believe that? After he had auditioned before and they didn’t want him.”

40 years later, “The Godfather” remains one of the most legendary films made, and Al Pacino will forever be admired for his role in the film.

“What would ‘The Godfather’ have been without Al Pacino?” Keaton said. “It’s just one of those weird, unusual things in life.”