Rapper Busta Rhymes Hits The Roof When Fan’s Girlfriend Reaches Out To Touch Him


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Rapper Busta Rhymes stopped a recent show to tell off an audience member who kept reaching to touch him, and the whole interaction went viral online.

The woman kept reaching onto the stage to touch the iconic performer, and he clearly got sick of slapping her hand away, as seen in a video shared on TikTok. After she refused to stop reaching toward him, Rhymes yelled “stop the music” and told the girl and other members of the crowd to “back up.”

“Ayo, shorty, you’re with your man, right?” Rhymes asked the woman, towering over her at the edge of the stage. It appeared the woman finally got the message and was scolding herself, tapping her hand as other performers joined Rhymes at the stage edge.

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When she didn’t reply, Rhymes turned to who he believed to be her date. “That’s your girl? What kinda shit you on that you’re gonna let her continue to grab at me?” Rhymes asked the woman’s date, who stands somewhat perplexed, vacantly staring at the star.

“See, I’m a grown man. I’ll f–k your girl, bro. I don’t want to f–k your girl,” Rhymes told him plainly to huge cheers from the crowd. “Tame your girl,” he instructed the man.

“This is a weird day, a weird time,” Rhymes continued. “She touched me and shit, y’all got them little funny ass camera phones [filming], and I don’t agree with that. She might do some police s–t. I’m not with it.” He finally told the man to “take your girl and tell her to stand behind you.”

Folks in the crowd then moved the woman away from the stage as he concluded, “stand behind your man, sweetheart.” People had mixed reactions to the interaction, with many finding it funny, while others thought Rhymes was overreacting in the comments shared on TikTok. (RELATED: ‘Weirdest Interaction Ever’: Rapper T.I. Punches Chainsmoker In The Face)

Rhymes is rarely one to shy away from telling it how it is. In August 2021, he told an audience that “COVID can suck a dick.” He was also one of the first people to step up and get physical with an audience member who attempted to stab comedian Dave Chapelle in May.