Sen. Klobuchar Thanks MSNBC For Being The Gold Star Of Truth

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar thanked MSNBC on Tuesday for allegedly being the gold star of truth while discussing new legislation.

Klobuchar and “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist were discussing legislation by the House entitled the “Presidential Election Reform Act.” The legislation would reform the 1887 Electoral Count Act by clarifying the Vice President’s role in certifying electoral votes as simply ceremonial, as well as raise the threshold needed for Congress to consider an objection from a state from a Congressman and a Senator to one-fifth of Congress.

Former President Donald Trump claimed then-Vice President Mike Pence had the authority to overturn the electoral count in 2021.

Geist asked Klobuchar to describe the legislation.

“I think we should take one step back for viewers and remind viewers what the existing Electoral Count Act is,” Geist said. “There’s been some attention around it obviously in the last couple of years and what you believe needs changing to it.” (RELATED: Trump Blasts Bipartisan Effort To Strengthen The Electoral Count Act)

“First, I want to thank you guys for being a check on the lies and a check on the conspiracy,” Klobuchar said. “What we have to do today is take an 1877 law put in place during the Rutherford B. Hayes era and make sure that we have a democracy and a process that basically reflects the will of the people. Because you know what happened, January 6th is not just a date, it was a date we were counting the Electoral College vote, pretty much a ceremony but it became a rallying cry for the insurrectionists.”

Klobuchar said the first thing the legislation would do is clarify the Vice President’s role is purely ceremonial.

“We’re clarifying two out of 535 people, that’s all it takes to lodge an objection and create havoc in this process. We’re putting that number up in the Senate bill to 20%. Number three, you can’t have legislators after the fact creating slates of fake electors. We’re clarifying that process. The fourth thing is a very clear appeals process. We’re working together on this.”