Fan Tries To Fight Usher At Nationals Game, Quickly Regrets It


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A fight broke out Tuesday at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., after a fan reportedly got into an argument with a group of staff members over a seating issue.

The altercation was caught on video, showing the fight between the man and two ushers. The crowd can be heard chanting “get out of here,” and he was aggressively “boo’d” by someone nearby.

In the video, the man is brought up the stadium steps by two male ushers before he tries to elbow one of the ushers in the face. The man also bit the usher, according to Fox 8. Police quickly arrived at the scene, and things appeared to calm down, but not before the man’s sunglasses were seemingly broken and blood was dripping down his cheek, as seen in the video.

The man was arrested for simple assault following the fight, which started because he was sitting in a part of the stadium that he did not have a ticket for, according to TMZ. The man refused to leave the section, prompting ushers to try and remove him, the outlet noted. (RELATED: ‘Somebody Got The Sh*t Knocked Out Of ‘Em’: Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan Breaks Up Fight At Concert)

It’s unclear whether the usher suffered any injuries. The altercation arose during the ninth inning of the Nationals’ loss to the Atlanta Braves, Fox 8 noted.