‘OPEC Has Just Done That’: Doocy Says Some People Do Actually ‘F*ck’ With Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Peter Doocy joked Wednesday night that contrary to President Joe Biden’s claim that “no one fucks with a Biden,” people do in fact “fuck” with him.

Biden was caught on a hot mic Wednesday telling a Floridian that “no one fucks with a Biden” while visiting the Sunshine State to survey damage from Hurricane Ian. The man responded, “Yeah, you’re goddamn right.”

Despite Biden’s insistence, it appears that not everyone feels the same way, at least according to Doocy.

“The President says no one fucks with a Biden,” Doocy said on “Special Report” with host Bret Baier. “But it appears OPEC+ has done just that, the group of oil producing nations agreeing to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day.” (RELATED: Jean-Pierre Fumbles Trying To Explain What Biden Is Doing To Lower Gas Prices)


OPEC+, which includes the 15 OPEC members and the consortium’s Russian-led allies, voted Wednesday to slash oil production by two million barrels per day, despite pleas from the White House to pump more oil.

The decision came as OPEC+ is worried demand for oil will fall as the world enters a recession, according to Bloomberg. The Biden administration has been “panicking” about OPEC’s decision to cut production as they fear it will hurt Democrats’ chances in the upcoming midterm elections, CNN reported.

OPEC+ originally agreed to a small production boost in August after Biden visited Saudi Arabia and asked the organization to pump more oil.