Spanish Model Shocks TV Host When Spilling Tea On Her Sex Life With Soccer Star Husband

Screenshot/Twitter/La Resistencia por M+

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Spanish reporter and TV presenter Pilar Rubio Fernández confessed to having sex with her soccer star husband of three years, Sergio Ramos, every single day .

She revealed the intimate details during a TV interview with David Broncano on the talk show La Resistencia. The 44-year-old didn’t seem uncomfortable with the topic at all, leaving Broncano and the audience wes stunned with her response when she was asked how many time she had sex with her husband in the last month. “We do it every day, except for the days when I am in Madrid,” she said.

A video snippet of the talk show was posted to Twitter, and shows the shocked look on Broncano’s face when he hears Rubio Fernández’ response.

“Today for instance, thanks to you, I can’t,” Rubio Fernández said, as she joked about her guest appearance on the show standing in the way of her ability to have a romp. (RELATED: Ashley Graham: Have Lots Of Sex To Keep A Marriage Great)

Rubio Fernández was asked how she managed to sustain such an active sex life. ““My children are in bed at 9.30pm,” she said.

“Sex is life,” Rubio Fernández declared.

She posed the same question to Broncano, who quickly averted the topic by telling her he didn’t have children so it wasn’t a fair comparison.

Leena Nasir