Scarlett Johansson Wants Attention So Badly She’s Talking About A 9-Year Old Fake Orgasm

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Scarlett Johansson is seemingly desperate for attention after a pathetic appearance on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast where she openly discussed how she faked an orgasm for a movie role … nine years ago.

Johansson spoke about her role in the 2013 movie “Her,” specifically the part of the role that required her to fake an orgasm, and all we want to know is, why? Sure, talking about orgasms may grab a few headlines, but has Johansson’s career flattened so badly that she needs to remind viewers that she faked an orgasm in a flick that’s nearly a decade old? That’s quite a stretch.

Johansson’s character in “Her” — a artificially intelligent operating system — engaged in phone sex with Joaquin Phoenix’s character, a scene that required her to do her best fake orgasm.

“We tried to get through one take, and [Phoenix] was, like, losing it,” Johansson said on the podcast, according to TooFab.  “He left the studio. He needed a break,” she said.

She went on and on about this long-expired fake orgasm.

“You don’t want to hear your voice ever. You definitely don’t want to hear what you sound like having an orgasm,” Johansson said.

“You definitely don’t want to hear what you sound like having a fake orgasm — ew. It’s so gross. It was so bizarre,” she said. So, why is she rehashing it then?

When the movie first came out, fans flocked to hear the sound of the sexy starlet’s orgasm. Sure, there’s obvious appeal in that.

But seriously? It’s been a long time, and is there nothing else happening in her life? This walk down  memory lane hardly seems like a valid way to gain attention. (RELATED:Spanish Model Shocks TV Host When Spilling Tea On Her Sex Life With Soccer Star Husband)

Just when it appeared this podcast couldn’t get any worse, it did.

Johansson whined about being “hypersexualized by the media and Hollywood” in her career. “I kind of became objectified and pigeonholed in this way where I felt like I wasn’t getting offers for work for things that I wanted to do,” she said, according to TooFab.

Yet she’s comfortable talking about her very old fake orgasm sounds several years after they happen? Huh.

We’ll leave that there.