‘You Keep Poking The Bear’: Antonio Brown Slams Hosts During Interview


Seth Roy Contributor
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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown had a near meltdown over questions from the hosts during the latest episode of the PBD Podcast.

From the very beginning of the interview, Brown acted frustrated and angry. For most of the podcast, Brown gave the hosts of the show, Patrick Bet-David and Adam Sosnick, a hard time and refused to give answers to most of their questions.

Early in the show, Bet-David brought up the topic of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and an infamous football play from 2016, where Brown was knocked out cold from a hit to his head by former Bengals’ linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, during a playoff game. The mere fact that Bet-David mentioned CTE and the play that left him unconscious made Brown feel like the hosts were marginalizing him.

In a fiery tirade Brown said, “you took me back to a moment of a hit that you thought could maybe given me CTE. I’m a football player, I take millions of hits sir. Millions of hits. But that’s the only moment you seem to focus on because you want to irrationalize my being.” (RELATED: Animated NFL Analyst Calls Out Russell Wilson For Working Out On Team Plane)

“I am a superhero. I made it from Liberty City, I’m an example, I am the light, I am hope, I am motivation. When I walk out here people get excited, you know, that’s not about what you write or what you think or what you say because you don’t understand,” Brown added.
“You’re not from where I’m from, you don’t view the world I view it, you don’t go through what I go through, you don’t get the same opportunities I get, you don’t get compressed the same way I get compressed, you don’t get hated upon and written upon or ridiculed or criticized or made a fool out of,” he continued. “You keep poking the bear and the bear poke back then I’m crazy.”

Brown also seemed to got visibly irritated after being confronted over his tweets that seemingly poked fun at Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s marital issues. Brown previously tweeted out a link of a white t-shirt with a photo of him and Bündchen hugging on it after Super Bowl 55.

When Bet-David called his tweet a “dig” at Brady, Brown said “it is what it is,” with no remorse for apparently pouring salt onto the wound of his former teammate. From what he tweets to how he acts, the football star comes off as very hard to like. (RELATED: ‘All Time Low’: Shannon Sharpe Rips NFL Player Over Instagram Photo With Star Quarterback’s Wife)

Above all, his behavior towards Bet-David and Sosnick throughout the interview made him look confrontational. It’d be shocking if Brown ever got invited on the show again.