REPORT: Boston Teen Goes To Celtics Game, Then Saves A Drowning Man’s Life Outside The Arena

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Alexander Pease Contributor
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A Boston teenager reportedly saved a drowning man’s life outside TD Garden after the Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls in a nail-biting game Friday night.

Finn Conner, 18, jumped into the Boston Harbor after hearing a man scream around a parking lot in near-by Charlestown, NBC Boston reported. Finn’s father, Ryan Conner, said he did not hear any screams, but only saw his son bolt to try and help, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Three Teens Jump Off Cape Cod Bridge To Save Unconscious Boy In Water)

As Conner sprinted to the scene, someone else was already attempting to assist the man in the water. The 18-year-old immediately jumped in, helping the unconscious man onto shore, he told the outlet.

“I see both of them and then I run down the bank, get in the water and try to get out to them, they’re maybe 5-10 feet off shore. So I get out there, I grab his arm and I’m trying to support him on his back and I sort of carry and pick him up to shore as best as I can,” Conner recalled.

City first responders arrived on scene shortly after the man was retrieved. Finn Conner told NBC Boston reporters that he was clearly in rough shape. (RELATED: Woman Goes On Date And Ends Up Being Driven Into River In Providence, Police Say)

“The guy had one ear that looked partially ripped off. He was bleeding from the other ear and he had a softball sized welt starting to develop on his forehead,” he said.

Ryan Conner told NBC Boston he was “quite proud” of his son. As for Conner’s mother, she told the outlet that the young man was scheduled to take SATs on Saturday morning.

Both the condition of the drowning man and the reason why he fell into the water remains unclear.