‘I Just Really Love … Boobies’: Watch Student Wearing Joe Biden Bra Admit She’s ‘Not Educated Enough’ On The Issues


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A video of a Sarah Lawrence College student with “Joe Biden” written on her bra with a sharpie ahead of his rally is making the rounds on the internet.

“I don’t even like Joe Biden that much…” the anonymous student said, despite having her shirt off and the President’s name written across her chest. She was asked if she would vote for Biden if he ran for re-election. “I guess so, I mean I sort of feel like all presidents kind of can’t really do good, like that good things, but also I’m not educated enough on the topic,” the young woman admitted, as she jumped up and down in her bra. She then revealed she’s deeply attracted to Biden.

The video was posted to Twitter and has received nearly 25,000 views in less than four hours.

Other students behind the young lady filmed her with their phones while she continued to speak about her stance on Biden.

“I just really love fashion and boobies and Joe Biden related merchandise, and attention, and I love taking my clothes off, so that’s all I have to say,” she said in the video.

The seemingly confused woman said, “I do think that Joe Biden should run again but if someone’s better I’d probably vote for someone else.”

The partially-clad student then raved about her love for Biden and spoke about an intimate connection she felt toward him, which proved to be wildly entertaining for the people standing behind her. (RELATED: White House Official Claims Biden’s Speech Attacking Trump Supporters Was About ‘Optimism’)

“I don’t want to make him uncomfortable because I now he’s married,” she said. “I want to, but I don’t want to make Jill uncomfortable.  I am really into him as a person and I think that we would be really compatible, romantically, sexually, but I also don’t want to make him uncomfortable, that’s all I have to say,” the student said.