Condé Nast Sues Drake, 21 Savage Over Fake Magazine Covers Allegedly Used To Promote New Album

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Condé Nast, the company that owns Vogue, is suing Drake and 21 Savage for allegedly using replicas of Vogue Magazine to promote their new album without consent.

Condé Nast alleges that Drake and 21 Savage promoted their new album “Her Loss” by posing on what appeared to be an authentic Vogue Magazine cover. They claim the artists falsely led fans to believe the special edition featuring details about their album release would be made available to the public, according to TMZ. Condé Nast is seeking $4 million in damages and demands use of the Vogue brand be immediately ceased.

The replica Vogue cover was reportedly so convincing that media outlets began writing about the upcoming issue, but Condé Nast and Vogue maintain they were not consulted, according to TMZ.

Condé Nast claims Vogue and famous editor Anna Wintour “have not endorsed [“Her Loss”] in any way” and have repeatedly requested all promos using the Vogue name be immediately taken down. Drake and 21 Savage have not removed their false advertising, according to TMZ.

Legal documents filed in court alleged that Drake and 21 Savage falsely promoted their fake collaboration with Vogue on their social media outlets and put up posters of the fake cover in several major cities. (RELATED: Former Union Leader Sues LeBron James And Drake Over Disputed Movie Rights)

Condé Nast also alleges that the artists sent an email blast that contained the words “celebrating Drake’s Vogue cover,” and claim people on the street have received a replica copy of Vogue magazine, alongside a fake, edited photograph of Wintour and Drake posing with one another, according to TMZ.

The documents also say the rappers falsely promoted the fake Vogue collaboration on social media.

A source close to Drake’s camp revealed he was shocked by the lawsuit. His lawyer, Larry Stein, refused to comment on the matter, according to TMZ.