Kari Lake Promises To Be The Media’s ‘Worst Frickin’ Nightmare’

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Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake promised to be the media’s “worst frickin’ nightmare” throughout her potential eight years in office.

Lake, a former Fox 10 anchor, made the remark to reporters after casting her vote for Tuesday’s election in which she faces off against Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs. A reporter asked her if she intends to serve two terms if elected, given that she could be a potential vice presidential pick if former President Donald Trump runs for reelection.

“Are you new covering this race? Cause we’ve talked about this before,” Lake said. “We’ve talked about this, I’ve answered this question, I’m going to not only be the governor of Arizona for four years, I’m gonna do two terms and I’m gonna be your worst frickin’ nightmare for eight years. And we will reform the media as well. We’re gonna make you guys into journalists again. So get ready, it’s gonna be a fun eight years, I can’t wait to be working with you guys.”

Lake has been a harsh critic of the media, particularly for its coverage of elections. She accused CNN Senior National Reporter Kyung Lah of spewing “propaganda” outside of a campaign event in June. Lah previously interviewed Lake before the primary race, where the candidate criticized her for not “giving a damn” about election integrity and of perpetuating a narrative.

“You’re buying into everything they say,” Lake told Lah. “This is the same people who did not want this forensic audit. I know what you guys are trying to do, you don’t give a damn about our elections. You’ve got a narrative and you’re trying to push it.”

“And what is that narrative?” Lah asked, to which Lake replied, “The narrative is, it’s fraud, it’s fake. I will be damned if when I’m governor, we’re gonna have another election run this way.” (RELATED: ‘Can’t Be Bought, Bribed Or Coerced’: Kari Lake Explains Why Liberals ‘Are Afraid’ Of Her)

Lake eviscerated the media for its lack of coverage on Democrats denying elections during her Black Voices For Kari “Ask Me Anything Tour.” She held up papers and read through quotes by former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential and 2018 Georgia gubernatorial elections.

“So it’s okay for Democrats to question elections but it’s not okay for Republicans? It’s crock of BS, everyone knows it, we have our freedom of speech and we’re not gonna relinquish it to a bunch of fake news propagandists,” Lake told reporters.

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