Powerful Weather System Set To Bring Snow And Storm Conditions To California On Election Day


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The National Weather Service (NWS) is reporting that a “powerhouse” storm is expected to slam into California, Tuesday, right as the midterm elections are being held.

Heavy rain, flooding, high winds, and snow in mountainous areas are all expected up and down California, with the regions between San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and inland as far as Lancaster and Bakersfield feeling the impact, according to a weather map shared by the NWS.

Some evacuations have been ordered in areas recently burned by wildfires, such as coastal and valley locations, as well as some mountain and foothill areas, KTLA reported. Areas near the Fish Fire burn area were placed under a mandatory evacuation Tuesday, with voluntary evacuations in other areas.

Snow may drop in areas as low as 4,000 feet Tuesday night, with forecasters reporting a chance of six inches hitting areas above 6,000 feet, KTLA continued. Up to 20 inches of snow is possible in some areas. Temperatures are expected to stay cool but return to the regularly scheduled California sunshine by the weekend. (RELATED: WalletHub Reveals Which States Are Most Affected By Natural Disasters)

This is the second time this year that extreme weather has hit California, typically one of the driest and mildest states. In September, Hurricane Kay struck parts of southern California and Mexico, bringing torrential rains and high winds.