Groom Aggressively Tackles Bride With Cake And The Internet Is Outraged


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A TikTok video that shows a groom aggressively tackling his bride to the ground and smashing cake into her face has sparked outrage on the internet.

Many couples choose to feed one another cake or smear cake on each other’s faces on their wedding day, but the groom in this video took things to another level – one that online viewers agree is way too far. The video unfolded normally at first, but a few seconds into it, the groom had the bride backed into a corner and lunged at her, forcing her to fall to the ground. He proceeded to forcefully shove cake into her face, hair, and all over her dress, and his predatory movements unfolded more like an attack than the playful exchange it was intended to be.

The video kicked off with a shot of the bride and groom, both dressed up in their formal attire and seemingly happy on their big day. The groom then proceeded to walk confidently toward the fancy, three-tiered wedding cake that sat on display in his reception room. He helped himself to an oversized piece of cake, and turned toward his bride.

The bride was dressed in a gorgeous gown and giggled nervously as her new husband moved toward her. Upon seeing the cake in his hand she began walking backwards, away from him.

In mere seconds the bride was backed into the corner, with her hands up in protest of what was unfolding. She shook her head, seemingly pleading for the groom to stop.

In the blink of an eye, he lunged at her, overpowered her, and shoved the entire piece of cake into the side of her face. She stumbled backwards and the back of her head appeared to hit the wall. The groom wasted no time aggressively coming at her again, as he slammed the cake into the center of her face. (RELATED: Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Scores A Plea Bargain To Get Out Of Police Custody)

The bride fell to the ground, and the groom fell on top of her.

The attack was hard to watch, and left many wondering what this groom is like behind closed doors if this was a display of his finest wedding behavior.

After completely overpowering his new wife and assaulting her in front of all their guests, sufficiently ruining her dress, makeup, hair, the groom helped her on her feet. Then, he abruptly walked away from her.

The bride was left standing, looking like an absolute mess, with visible stains on her dress.

Someone could be seen running to her aid as the video cut out.

Viewers on social media are calling this an outright abusive attack, and are calling for the bride to see help  – and file for divorce.