REPORT: Newly Surfaced Video Shows Blueface Firing Gun At A Vehicle

(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Hollywood Unlocked)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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New video surveillance footage has surfaced of rapper Blueface allegedly pulling a gun and firing at the driver of a truck on Oct. 8.

Blueface was arrested for attempted murder Tuesday, based on the incident that was captured in this video, according to TMZ. The video showed the famous rapper outside of a night club in Las Vegas. A truck enters the frame and pulls up right in front of Blueface and his crew of friends before it suddenly floored it out of the area. Blueface allegedly pulled a firearm and took multiple shots at the driver, according to the video posted by TMZ.

Sources close to the situation said the driver of the truck walked into the club a bit earlier in the evening and attacked someone from Blueface’s crew, according to TMZ. It is unclear what sparked the alleged altercation in the first place. It has been determined that Blueface wasn’t directly involved in the initial confrontation, according to TMZ. (REPORT: Famous Rapper Arrested For Attempted Murder)

At some point the man returned to his truck and the rest of the scene unfolded in front of the cameras. Sources close to the situation say the male driver of the truck could be heard saying, “Who hit me?!” before the shots were fired, according to TMZ.

Blueface was arrested for attempted murder Tuesday in front of a group of onlookers that were stunned to see undercover police throw him to the ground and handcuff him, according to TMZ.