‘I Could Give A F*ck’: Gene Simmons Snaps At Bill Maher After Maher Says Phrase ‘A China Man’ Is Offensive

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Rockstar Gene Simmons sparred with comedian and podcast host Bill Maher over political correctness during Monday’s episode of “Club Random.”

The duo were talking about a myriad of issues, such as politics, with Simmons saying he’s not a fan of Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Maher said there are currently “so many” pissed off people in the country with good reason, who “just want to break shit” out of anger. Simmons then brought up how important imagery is, invoking Tiananmen Square.

“I am reminded, and I’m doing some business in China, I’m reminded of that one brave Chinaman,” Simmons said.

“No, Gene, not Chinaman,” Maher interrupted. (RELATED: Gene Simmons: BDS Can KISS My Tuchus)

“A male who’s Chinese. A Chinaman.”

“We don’t say that anymore, I promise you,” Maher responded.

“I’m through with that.”

“I promise you,” Maher said.

“I could give a fuck. He is a male Chinese person. Tell me how to say that,” Simmons said.


“So, a Chinese man is standing in front of a tank,” Simmons then said.

“There you go!”

“Oh, I’m using the right words now!” Simmons responded, apparently sarcastically. “So, a tank is about to run him over in Tiananmen Square. You will never forget that image.”

Simmons went on to say that the point of the story is no one remembers what the “politics struggle” were at the time, they simply remember seeing the “iconic” image of a man standing in front of a tank.

“So, I’m saying that when the good-intentioned people come into cities and break things and burn things, you understand where the anger comes from, but the effect visually is the most negative thing you can have,” Simmons said.

The two also discussed former President Donald Trump during the episode, as well as President Joe Biden.