Buffalo Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie Gifted Entire Wide Receiver Corps Custom-Made Arcade Machines With 9,600 Games

[Instagram/Screenshot/Public — User: @_IsaiahMcKenzie]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Talk about a great gift.

When it comes to NFL players giving gifts to their teammates, most know how to do it in style. Some choose a Rolex watch, others choose something out of the Louis Vuitton collection. But Buffalo Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie?

My man went the extra mile with custom-made arcade machines.

If swag was an arcade machine, it would look like these. McKenzie got his fellow wide receivers (as well as the wide receiver coach) full-sized machines that were designed in Buffalo Bills colors and had the players’ jersey numbers featured on the front in big, beautiful font. As far as the actual games, we’re talking about 9,600 of them featured.

Holy hell, the swag is so unreal with this Christmas gift. McKenzie definitely went all out on this one. And I know he said NFL Blitz was one of the games, but what else are we looking at here?

You can bet Madden is on there, but what about other sports games like NBA 2K and FIFA?

Surely, it’s not 9,600 different football games, but what a great gift. (RELATED: Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Carlton Davis Ignores ESPN Reporter’s Question After Her Exchange With Giovani Bernard)

And McKenzie wasn’t the only Buffalo Bill in a gift-giving mood either. Quarterback Josh Allen also got involved by gifting his entire offensive line personalized motor scooters for Christmas.

I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out with the Buffalo Bills right about now — so cool, man.