REPORT: Tom Brady Joining Miami Dolphins Is ‘Definitely On The Table’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Not gonna lie … I absolutely lost control when I saw this headline. As a matter of fact, I nearly shit myself.

Tom Brady will become an unrestricted free agent when the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs come to a close. He’ll be able to sign with any team of his choosing. And it looks like that team could be the Miami Dolphins, according to an absolute beaut of a report from NBC Sports’ ProFootballTalk (PFT).

One source familiar with Brady’s world spoke to PFT on the matter, and said the prospect of the G.O.A.T. landing with the Miami Dolphins is “definitely on the table,” according to the report.

PFT also mentions Tua Tagovailoa in its report, saying it’s not yet clear as to what exactly the Dolphins would do if they signed Brady — whether they would keep Tagovailoa or move on from him.

As you all know, I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, so when I saw this wonderful report, not gonna lie, I completely lost it and went ecstatic, jumping around the room in excitement while my wife looked at me like I was a lunatic.

I’m sorry, but this is Tom Brady — the Greatest of All Time could potentially be on my team.

For some time now, I’ve been advocating for either Brady or Aaron Rodgers to come to my Dolphins, and every time the conversation comes up, I usually always pick Brady because we would be able to get him through free agency.

But how do people respond to my Brady comments? “He’s going to Vegas! Las Vegas!”

Okay, where the hell are people making these connections?

Everything I’ve seen is pointing to the 305:

Here’s my official prediction: Tom Brady will be a Miami Dolphin in 2023 — and believe it or not, I say that with zero bias. I’m telling you, he’s coming to Miami.

As far as what to do with Tua, I still want my original plan to go through: We land Tom Brady for a season or two (maybe three), and let Tua sit behind him and learn from a legend. It worked for Aaron Rodgers sitting for years behind Brett Favre during their time together on the Green Bay Packers, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here. (RELATED: Paige Spiranac Declares Notre Dame Football As The Worst Fan Base In Sports, And She’s Absolutely Correct)

I’m ready to go shop for Tom Brady Miami Dolphins jerseys for myself and the rest of the family.

Stephen Ross (Dolphins owner), for the love of God: Let’s please make this happen.