Aaron Rodgers: ‘I’d Love To Play For’ Miami Dolphins

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Oh, man. I would love to see Aaron Rodgers in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

Back on Christmas Day, the Green Bay Packers traveled down to South Florida to square off against the Miami Dolphins, with both teams dealing with playoff implications.

The Packers ended up winning, 26-20, and following the game, the biggest topic from the day was the fact that Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a second concussion for the season. Everybody in the league was zoned in on Tua, with even Rodgers himself saying maybe Tua should consider shutting it down for the rest of the year out of safety.

In the process of everything surrounding Tagovailoa, nobody seemed to pay attention to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ on-field interview immediately after the game, which was such a hidden gem that now needs to be busted out into the open. Why?

Because Aaron Rodgers outright admitted that he would “love to play for” the Miami Dolphins.

As a Miami Dolphins fan, you know I’d be swimming all in that glory if this were to happen.

What’s interesting about this entire scenario is the timing. Aaron Rodgers just signed a massive contract extension with the Green Bay Packers back in March 2022 that has him locked in with the franchise until at least 2025, which has me thinking that the only way the Dolphins could land him is via trade, and they’d have to give up a pretty penny to do it.

So I’m just confused as to why Rodgers is saying this now. Why couldn’t he talk with Miami before signing the extension? Is there something that Aaron Rodgers knows that we don’t?

Rodgers left a lot of unanswered questions after making that statement, which brings me to my next question: How in the hell did a clip like this completely go missed by literally every media outlet out there? (RELATED: ‘Taking It Day By Day’: Damar Hamlin’s Uncle Gives Update On NFL Star)

This is such a hidden gem, and a beautiful one at that as a Miami Dolphins fan.

Only time will tell what happens with this whole situation, if anything happens at all, but I tell you what, this has generated a ton of excitement for me as a supporter of the Phins. I would absolutely love to have Aaron Rodgers on my team — either him, or Tom Brady that has been rumored as well. And either way, you let Tua learn behind a legend for a season or two.

Gorgeous days are ahead for my Miami Dolphins — I can feel it.

Shout out to the 305, baby.