Paige Spiranac Declares Notre Dame Football As The Worst Fan Base In Sports, And She’s Absolutely Correct

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Paige Spiranac is absolutely spot-on here.

Online golf (and, lately, sports in general) influencer Paige Spiranac listed off her most-hated fan bases in a Jan. 11 video on Twitter. She also named her top favorites.

The fan base she hates the most? Notre Dame Football.

“Coming in at number one is Notre Dame football fans, they’re absolutely insufferable on social media and half of them didn’t even go there,” Spiranac said. “Their great-great-great-great-great grandfather did or they watched ‘Rudy’ once and now they’re a big die-hard football fan.”

As for the rest of her top five (and the other top five), I’ll let you watch that for yourself:

I totally get what she means with Notre Dame. As a fan of both Michigan and Miami (FL), as well as having a dad who’s a fan of Florida State, I’ve had plenty of experience with the Fighting Irish fan base, and I can tell you: Those people are despicable.

It’s like what Bernie Kosar said in “The U” 30 for 30 documentary (and I spent so much time trying to find the video for you guys, but I have failed you): Notre Dame is a Catholic school, sure, but when it comes to playing football, it’s the most un-Christian environment ever. (RELATED: Georgia’s Warren Brinson Took Over The CBS Sports Broadcast And Was Absolutely Brilliant As The New Host)

As a Canes fan in particular and doing Miami sports radio for a couple of years, I know the Notre Dame fan base very well. Quite frankly, things can get so vulgar with them that I can’t share it on here, but believe me, it’s pretty bad.

To put it simply: We hate each other.

And we beat the hell out of Notre Dame in that game, by the way:

I wholeheartedly agree, Paige — wholeheartedly.