Enjoy This List Of Rejected Vanity License Plate Applications

Shutterstock/Emily C. McCormick

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles just released its list of rejected vanity plates from 2022, and they’re absolutely hilarious.

Top of the list, of course, is “BTCH1N,” which would have been a pretty bitchin’ plate, but apparently Oregon’s DMV doubles as the vehicular fun police (not to be confused with actual highway patrol). Some folks tried to get around the rejection with “BITCN” and “DATBCH,” but these were probably some of the tamer examples on the list.

The most ridiculous? Probably “HENTA1,” “SLTDDY,” and literally just the word “BUTT,” which was rejected on multiple occasions. Of course, some of the usual suspects were there, like “FCKJB” and “H00KR.” One of my personal favorites was “DAMD0G” and “A5SMAN,” both of which made me laugh out loud. (RELATED: Oops! Somehow The ‘Intelligence’ Community Tripled The Amount Of UFO Sightings On The Books)

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