WWE Hall Of Famer, Former Executive Eric Bischoff Believes Vince McMahon Might Take Company Private

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Vince McMahon has completely set the world of professional wrestling ablaze, and I’m here for it.

Multiple reports started coming out left and right Jan. 11 regarding Vince McMahon selling WWE to a Saudi-Arabia backed Private Investment Fund, just for it to come out that those rumors were false. Ever since then, the debate and speculation has been on about what exactly McMahon is going to do with the sports entertainment giant.

McMahon was forced out of WWE in the summer of 2022 after he was accused of sexual misconduct, however, he recently returned to the company as the executive chairman.

OutKick’s Mike Gunzelman had an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer and former company executive Eric Bischoff, where he asked the new World order (nWo) founder about McMahon possibly selling his promotion to Saudi Arabia.

There were a few interesting tidbits from the interview, including Bischoff making it clear that Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) isn’t buying WWE like what’s been rumored, and how he thinks the Saudi deal was “deliberately leaked.”

But the biggest has to be Bischoff saying, “my bet is on Vince taking the company private.”

Holy (bleep), if this ends up being true about Vince McMahon wanting to take WWE private, that creates so much power for Vince behind-the-scenes (in true boss fashion) and also opens an incredible amount of flexibility regarding booking and storylines.

The first thing that I thought about was the return of the “Attitude Era,” and obviously I know we wouldn’t be able to go back to the hardcore violence and crazy stuff that I enjoyed as a young nine-year-old lad, but McMahon could certainly give us an Attitude Era 2.0. You see how gritty AEW is, you see how horny NXT is, WWE already has crazy stuff in them — remember Brock Lesnar  at SummerSlam? We can certainly have an Attitude Era 2.0.


Now we need to sprinkle some of this in:

And incredible amounts of violence like this:

And this:

And this:

Notice how the Undertaker made all three of my violent examples?

Yeah, exactly, that’s another thing that the WWE could do to get us back to the Attitude Era — better characters and storylines. Instead of a little flippy guy that nobody cares about like Mustafa Ali, we need to go back to characters who kidnap Stephanie McMahon and nearly sacrifice her, or dark marry her, or something like that. (RELATED: Stephanie McMahon Resigns From WWE Following Her Father’s Takeover Of Company)

This is what I need back in my life as a fan of professional wrestling:

A little Stone Cold Steve Austin to save the day, and speaking of Stone Cold, why not a few beer trucks like the old days to also help us get back to the Attitude Era — or like I said, an Attitude Era 2.0?

Vince McMahon taking WWE private can make all of my Attitude Era 2.0 dreams come true.

Do it, Vince. For the love of God, do it.