Google Is Reportedly Trying To Create Its Own Version Of ChatGPT, The Computer Program Everyone Is Worrying About

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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In a bid for total world domination, Google is testing its own artificial intelligence (AI) competitor to ChatGPT, according to a report released Tuesday.

The ChatGPT-style product is reportedly using Google’s LaMDA technology, which spooked one developer so severely the company had to suspend him in June 2022. Reports suggest the company is testing a new search page designed to integrate the technology, and employees have been asked to help test the software, according to an internal memo cited by CNBC.

While many people are concerned AI technology, such ChatGPT and whatever the heck Google is developing, might make many professions redundant or even take over the world, my personal belief is that people are not smart, dedicated or driven enough to maintain any type of technology that literally just regurgitates the absolute crap we post on the internet.

Because, let’s be honest, that’s all that AI really is: a program that aggregates knowledge input to the web by humans and throws it back at us. (RELATED: Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Says Society Will Be ‘Useless’ If AI Robots Take Over Journalism)

Now, if LaMDA or ChatGPT, etc., become sentient, we might be in trouble. Then again, even if that does occur, there is a significant limitation to how far AI could take itself without human input. Since the internet is mostly just porn and the promotion of mental illness as a fashion trend, it’s likely any sentient AI would just be a horny, mentally ill, genderless idiot and get nothing done, anyway.