‘We Keep Hearing About Transparency’: CBS Anchor Calls Out Biden Admin For Concealing Info

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CBS’ Gayle King called out the Biden administration Wednesday for lack of transparency after it was revealed the Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted a second search on President Joe Biden’s Delaware home.

The DOJ conducted its second search of Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home after documents were discovered there on Jan. 20. FBI personnel reportedly conducted the search.

“So this really raises questions about transparency, which has been an issue involving this issue since the beginning,” reporter Adriana Diaz said. “We now know that FBI agents personnel went into the Penn Biden Center, that’s the think tank where the vice president – the former vice president- had an office after the Obama-Biden administration. We know they conducted a search. This was previously undisclosed by the White House and we don’t know why.”

Diaz then noted that the public was only made aware of the FBI raid as of recent. (RELATED: ‘You’re Claiming Transparency’: CNN Host Grills White House Spokesperson For Avoiding Questions)

“And we keep hearing about transparency, but then you hear stories like this,” King said. “So it does raise even more questions. Did the FBI find anything else? And what does it mean?”

Diaz said there is no way to know if authorities found any other documents.

Biden’s lawyers originally found classified documents at the Penn Biden Center on Nov. 2 with additional documents subsequently being found on Dec. 20, Jan. 11, and Jan. 12.

The White House has come under fire for their lack of transparency regarding the Biden document scandal, with CBS News anchors Errol Barnett and Lana Zak calling out press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for avoiding providing answers. NBC’s Ken Dilanian said the lack of transparency was concerning.