Megyn Kelly Slams Tom Brady For Causing ‘Heartache’ To His Kids, Wife Over Extra Year Of Football


Seth Roy Contributor
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Megyn Kelly had choice words for superstar quarterback Tom Brady on Wednesday for seemingly sacrificing his marriage with supermodel Gisele Bündchen to play one extra season of NFL football.

Kelly was irked while watching Brady’s retirement video when he said how he “wouldn’t change a thing” when it came to his illustrious football career. She said, “you wouldn’t change the part at the end where you lost your wife of, I don’t know, 10 plus years, 12 years because you wouldn’t retire? A thing you then decided to do 365 days later.”

Brady’s return to the gridiron after briefly retiring last year was rumored to have caused a rift between the couple back in September, according to Paige Six. Kelly believes that the legendary football star’s decision to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season was the driving force behind why the supermodel called it quits in October.

“Where’s the self-sacrifice? Where’s the mature decision to say, ‘I will table my one year to sacrifice, for you, my spouse; to sacrifice for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my children to have their family remain together’?” Kelly said. “Tom Brady seems like a rather sweet guy. I don’t think he’s evil-hearted. He’s amazing as a football player … but the collapse of your marriage over one extra year of football seems like something one should regret.”

The popular talk show also said that Brady’s decision to return to the game was a “middle finger” to Bündchen and caused a lot of “heartache” for the whole family.

Brady is catching a lot of flack from Kelly here, but why couldn’t Gisele be supportive of him and his decision to come back to play knowing how much he loves his job? I believe Gisele should have been by his side all season long instead of giving him a tough ultimatum of choosing his job or his family, if that’s how their divorce came about. (RELATED: ‘Everything In Our Power To Bring Him Back’: Robert Kraft Hopes To Sign Tom Brady To One-Day Contract With Patriots)

That said, I’m on the outside looking in on the situation so there could be more to the story than we know, but if my wife was living out her dream I would be by her side and supporting her 100%, come hell or high water.

It’s a shame that Brady and Bündchen’s marriage ended in divorce.

Hopefully they both find happiness moving forward.