‘That’s Not Evidence’: Fox News Panel Erupts Over Hunter Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ “Outnumbered” panel erupted Thursday as the panelists debated Hunter Biden and whether President Joe Biden is implicated in his son’s alleged wrongdoings.

Guest Ari Fleisher suggested Republicans set their sights on President Joe Biden rather than Hunter when Democratic Fox News commentator Marie Harf argued “the House GOP cannot help themselves because there is no evidence, that anyone has seen, that this involves national security or that Joe Biden somehow compromised national security.”

“There is evidence!” Fleischer insisted. “If Joe Biden received 10 percent-” (RELATED: Ex-Intel Official Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Was Russian Disinfo Admits Contents ‘Had To Be Real’)


“That’s not evidence! That’s not evidence!” Harf shot back, arguing the “if” presumption is not enough to declare someone guilty.

The entire panel then began cross-talk, discussing the president’s alleged involvement, along with the censorship of the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden before co-host Emily Compagno turned her attention back to Harf.

“It boggles my mind that you can say in such a seemingly either over simplistic or whitewashing way that there has been no evidence [against Hunter Biden].”

“That’s not Joe Biden,” Harf said, though the other panelists pointed out that the president had been named in several documents.  “The DOJ is investigating Hunter Biden. We know that. We know the Department of Justice has open investigations on Hunter Biden. Let those go forward! I’m not saying they should stop. I’m saying we should investigate if there is wrongdoing [but] the leap from that to Joe Biden is somehow ‘compromised’ and has done things that put our national security at risk is not there in the facts.”

Biden met with some of Hunter’s Chinese business partners, according to the New York Post, while having also written letters of recommendation to colleges for the children of one of Hunter’s business associates.

Biden has denied knowledge of his son’s dealings and has claimed his son has done nothing wrong.