Duke’s Tyrese Proctor Hilariously Flops After NC State’s Tarquavion Smith Barely Shoves Him

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In the words of the legendary Booker T … “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.”

About 12 minutes into the game with things tied up 17-17, Duke guard Tyrese Proctor was defending NC State‘s Tarquavion Smith. The North Carolina player, however wasn’t a fan of how much contact Proctor was making, so he slightly pushed him off. When Proctor backed up and barely went into D.J. Burns Jr., he immediately dropped to the ground like he had been absolutely slammed.

And it worked! Smith got called for a technical foul and the Blue Devils went on to win 71-67.

In the words of another wrestler in MJF … “The history books don’t care how you get the job done.”

I personally have no problem with flopping. It’s all about leverage.

Just check out the MJF promo that I just referenced:

Despite the dramatic story, he’s right. It’s all about winners and losers in this game that we call life, and when it comes to the history books, they really don’t care how you get the job done.

Just think about it: when it comes to past champions in sports, you mainly think about the glory of the trophy, not the work that was put into it. When you got that A on that big high school test or college exam, you swam in your achievements, not in the work. Because the history books don’t care. (RELATED: Baltimore Orioles And Pittsburgh Pirates Continue To Play Game After Umpires Walk Off The Field)

All that people (and the March Madness committee) will remember a week from now is that Duke won this game, and that’s it.