Sports Glory Or Absolutely Disgusting? Rabid NC State Fan Chugs Mayonnaise At Duke’s Mayo Bowl

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is absolute glory, but I’m also a bit grossed out.

As I write this blog, NC State and Maryland are currently playing in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, with the Terrapins currently clinging on to a 13-9 lead late in the third quarter.

In what has mostly been a boring game, we actually had some fireworks in the first quarter, but it didn’t happen on the field.

Instead, Wolfpack fans were eating mayonnaise in celebration of their team being in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. One decided to step it up even more by chugging the hell out of his jar in absolute disgusting glory.

If you’re in these fans’ shoes and your team is in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, this is outright glory and something viewed as completely normal. If you were ever in that situation, your fandom would take over too and the next thing you know you’re the one chugging a jar of mayonnaise. That’s what happened to this guy, and it’s absolutely glorious.

On the other hand, when you’re on the outside looking in, it just looks absolutely disgusting. I actually envisioned myself doing that and nearly gagged because of how disgusting it sounds, just imagine chugging mayonnaise. Imagine chugging something with that taste and that thickness. That’s nasty, dude. (RELATED: Michigan And TCU Players Got A Bunch Of Fresh Swag For College Football Playoff)

So what are we deciding here? Is this sports glory or absolutely disgusting?

I’m thinking both. This is so glorious as an NC State fan, but also sick to a Michigan or Miami fan (wink).

But if your team is in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, you gotta do it, right?

Of course, you do! Chug that bad boy!