Louisiana Tech Baseball Loses Game To Ole Miss Despite Scoring More Runs

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Damn, the NCAA has some terrible rules.

Louisiana Tech and Ole Miss squared off in a college baseball game Wednesday night, and despite the Bulldogs scoring more runs than the Rebels, they still lost. Yes, you read that correctly. And LA Tech is understandably pissed.

Coming in as the defending national champions, Ole Miss hosted Conference USA’s Louisiana Tech for a two-game series that was held on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Rebels dropped the first game 6-5. During game two, it looked like Ole Miss was going to suffer another loss, but then things came to a halt thanks to lightning.

At the top of the seventh inning, the Bulldogs scored two runs to take a 5-4 lead, and they were still batting when the first strike of lightning took place 10 miles outside of Swayze Field. As a result, the game went into a 30-minute delay, with things slated to restart at 7:45 p.m. However, lightning once again hit, delaying the game even further.

Shortly after, a thunderstorm then came into the area that ended up lasting all night.

Obviously, the game couldn’t continue and was called, with the latest result being Louisiana Tech holding on to a one-run lead in the middle of the seventh.

But the NCAA rules state that if both teams don’t bat in the final inning before a delay takes place, then the game must revert back to the last completed full inning — the sixth in this contest. (RELATED: ‘Smashed!’: Auburn’s Bruce Pearl Goes On Two Separate (And Hilarious) Temper Tantrums In The Same Awkward Interview)

At that point, Ole Miss was leading the game, 4-3. And as a result, the Rebels won.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is so symbolic of the NCAA and its blatant stupidity.