Andrew Bogut Calls On Girl Dads To Stand Up As Transgender Player Allowed In Women’s Basketball League

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I totally feel Andrew Bogut here as a girl dad myself.

NBA champion Andrew Bogut is apparently livid at the fact that a transgender athlete has applied to join an Australian women’s semi-professional basketball league, with the Aussie calling on girl dads to stand up against the idea of biological men playing in female sports.

“Are you ok with sacrificing the sanctity of Female Sport in the name of ‘inclusion?'” Bogut tweeted Sunday, tagging the Aussie league NBL1.

Bogut then hit back at a Tweet from a user who goes by Saraid Taylor:

The nonprofit organization Basketball Victoria confirmed it received an application from a transgender woman to play in NBL1 South. It appears the biological male will be allowed to play on the Kilsyth women’s team, according to Sky News.

As a girl dad, I completely get where Andrew Bogut is coming from.

It has nothing to do with “hating” transgender people like some push — it has everything to do with preserving women’s sports and making sure there’s equal and fair play for your daughters, and what’s wrong with that? (RELATED: ‘Ain’t Taking No Sh*t’: Brook Lopez And Trey Lyles Ejected After An Outright Brawl Nearly Explodes In Bucks-Kings Game)

Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I stand with you, Mr. Bogut.