REPORT: Packers, Jets In Standoff Over Potential Aaron Rodgers Trade

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I knew New York was going to find a way to screw this up — it’s the Jet way.

Aaron Rodgers is in the exact spot that he wants to be in right now: the center of the NFL’s attention and holding two franchises hostage for their full-out focus as well. He’s been enjoying three long months of this process and I personally don’t blame him one bit — I’d do the same thing.

The New York Jets have reportedly signed wide receiver Allen Lazard to a deal, which originally was viewed as a sign that Rodgers would indeed headed to the Big Apple. However, this latest report seems to show that the franchises themselves (Jets and Green Bay Packers) are still far from a deal. In fact, the two teams seem to be so stretched out from each other that talks have turned into a standoff. And you know Rodgers has to be loving this. It just creates more storylines and give him further control of the news cycle in sports.

The Jets and Packers appear to be in a “game of chicken,” according to ProFootballTalk. PFT’s report states that some believe that New York is trying to lowball Green Bay. The Packers, however realize that the Jets both intensely need and want Rodgers, thus the standoff.

Just recently, I said that the stars were aligning for the New York Jets to land Aaron Rodgers, and that’s because they were, but in typical Jets fashion, it looks like they’re about to screw this up. What did I tell you?

This franchise is dysfunctional — very, very dysfunctional. After all, this is the same franchise that acquired a legend in Brett Favre once upon a time, and completely fell on its face in an outright disaster.

And to make it worse, not only could the Jets lose out on Aaron Rodgers (after saying they were going all-out, that turned out to be a lie), but they also lost out on Derek Carr (New Orleans Saints) and Jimmy Garoppolo (Las Vegas Raiders). Because, of course. (RELATED: Michael Irvin Releases Surveillance Video Of Alleged Crime Scene, Refiles Mega Lawsuit Against Marriott)

This is so New York Jets.