Boise State Fans Can Help Their Athletics Program Rack Up NIL Cash By Simply … Drinking Beer?

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Fans of Boise State can turn the school into a name, image and likeness (NIL) powerhouse … simply by drinking beer.

The NIL era in college sports has been absolutely glorious, with a lot of different boosters and companies attempting creative ways to flood money to athletes, with some trying to persuade them to go to particular universities.

And then you have a company like Western Collective, who is trying to pull in money through beer sales to help build up the Boise State University athletics program. Western Collective is brewing a beer called The Horseshoe Golden Ale, described as “a co-branded beer that’s marketed in conjunction with The Horseshoe Collective,” according to sports outlet On3.

For every Horseshoe Golden Ale beer sold, Western Collective will donate 10 cents to The Horseshoe Collective, which will be used to assist Boise State’s NIL efforts. The company’s goal is to raise $24,000, which they plan to do by selling 10,000 cases of beer, with each case holding 24 pints, according to On3.

This is pretty cool, especially if you’re a Boise State fan.

If I had a business and I was raking in cash, I would totally be doing stuff to help out the University of Miami’s NIL efforts, as well. I’d love to feel personally responsible (at least, for a large portion of it) that my Canes went to the College Football Playoff, the Final Four, the College World Series and so on. (RELATED: UConn Students Turn Their Campus Into A War Zone After Winning National Championship)

It would be so great.